Style is Unique. Fashion is Copycat

Style is Unique. Fashion is Copycat

We often say, "Find your style."  here at M&C. Ralph Lauren is credited with this insightful quote:   “Style is personal.  It has nothing to do with fashion.  Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”   

One of my favorite things to do is mix and match brands and styles to create my look.  Finding different brands and styles in one shop, is one of the several benefits of shopping secondhand.

We want to help you to create your unique look, instead of sending you out of the shop looking like a carbon copy of the previous customer. 

I love to pair an expensive, dressy item with a casual, comfortable item.   Denim and sequins is fun.  Doc Martens and lace is fun.   Designer pieces paired with basics is a way to enjoy quality on a smaller budget.  What is your favorite mix and match combo?

My mom taught me to glance in a mirror as I pass it by. If your outfit passes the passing-glance test. it’s a great outfit.  If you must pose to make it look great, it’s not your best choice.

The cover photo for this post is our Denise emulating, but not imitating style icon, @iris.apfel. Isn't Denise photogenic?  Say Hi to her when you visit next. 

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