More than a Consignment Shop: A Way of Life Since 1990

More than a Consignment Shop: A Way of Life Since 1990

Thank you for being a part of something big!

Consignment is about more than shopping. 

With consignment, we’re able to give clothing a second life. When you consign or buy at M&C, you are…

Keeping your dollars in our community

A portion of each purchase goes to the person in your community who is selling their items on consignment. 68% of the dollars that you spend at a locally-owned business will stay in and support the local economy. Neighbors supporting neighbors.

Creating a more sustainable fashion industry

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and one of the largest consumers of water. Only 1% of clothing is recycled every year! The process uses energy, chemicals and other hazardous resources during manufacturing, shipping and transportation. All of these contribute to landfills and pollution, which lead to climate change.

Not supporting fast fashion

We hear a lot of “well I could get a shirt for $10 at [insert the name of a big box chain store] and while may be true, you are sacrificing quality and impact on the environment with that choice. Fast Fashion is unsustainable because of the poor quality, inhumane working conditions and effect on the planet. Cheap trends can come and go, but investing in quality is timeless.

We’re not just a consignment shop, M&C is a lifestyle.  Together, we are a part of something big.

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