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In 2021, We have come upon a new milestone.

In 1990, I had a crazy idea that I could run a successful, eco-conscious, money-making business that would bring local parents together, while raising 2 daughters.  My retail experience included McDonald’s, a local department store and a local record shop. Well, isn’t that good enough?  I took an accounting class in college.  I was all set! Onward!

Together, you and I have built something unique and special.  We have grown up from Mother & Child to M&C. We share the common goals of keeping money local, recycling and building community. We have moved from Amherst Plaza and Downtown Nashua to Greystone Plaza and then to MC Square together. 

In 2021, We have come upon a new milestone.  I am handing the reins over to long-time M&C friends, Scott and Irene Alton.

I am sure many of you know the Alton's. They have resided in Amherst for the past 22 years, raising 2 daughters and have been consignors/customers since their children were born.  Scott has worked in the retail industry for the past 38 years and Irene has worked in the retail, financial services, and life sciences industries. 

Scott & Irene hold the same values as M&C Clothing and Gifts regarding sustainability, recycling and contributing back into the local economy by supporting local businesses.  They are so excited to take the reins of the business and are committed to retaining M&C's mission and culture while continuing to offer sustainable fashion. The Alton’s sent the following message to share with you: “It is a privilege to take over the incredible business that Karen has built over the past 30 years.  We feel fortunate to live in this community and to be able to continue the original vision and values that M&C was built upon.  Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much.”

I encourage you to stop in this 1st week of October, so that I can personally introduce you to Scott and Irene.

Your friend and neighbor,


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